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I was visiting with family this weekend, and we did some experimenting. My mom used Vintaj patina to color ball chain to go with some Yvonne Irvin-Faus Ethereals pendants I shared with her. The picture doesn’t really show it, but she nailed the colors and the finished necklaces look great. 

I was inspired a while ago by Lorelei Eurto when she painted some keys to great effect. I also thought about how my dad uses bark to make pins, and the repurposing ideas from Art Elements. So I decided to paint some wood. I asked my parents to look for some good specimens on their walks, and they found some great ones a couple months ago after the snow melted.

At first I had thought about painting stripes of different colors, then possibly a stencil, but I ended up painting a first layer of a beautiful steel grey and then dabbing on some white with paper towel. I got a driftwood or stone look. 

I auditioned several chains, and decided on some Very Vintage white chain from A Grain of Sand. I think it turned out great! I even braved a power tool to drill the hole, pretty good for a chicken!

My mom, sister and brother-in-law joined in for some resin fun. Some things are still busy drying. My mom and I tried the double pour where we poured some, let it dry, then poured more so we could make things look like they were floating. I can show that experiment later. I have two things to show today. 

This was just an extra bezel. I asked my BIL to draw in his style on a scrapbook piece of paper. I stuck it in the bezel and the resin is so glass perfect you can’t even see it! I’m going to use this in a bracelet. I’ve asked him to draw on another piece for a future project. 

I’m hoarding some of these beautiful handmade brass bezels by Cynthia Thornton. I wanted to use some Ice Resin Opals in the fire opal color to make it look like a geode that got cracked open. I wanted the green color in the mix to show the most, and I had seen a video that suggested painting the back of the bezel to do that. I painted the inside of the bezel an emerald green. I don’t know if it helped or not, but I think I got a really nice look. It looks fantastic in the light.

It was so fun to try some things. My brother-in-law is keen to try resin again, and my mom and I are going to try texturing it using this Nunn Design tutorial. I hope you are having a wonderful time where you are.