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I am back to making some simple necklaces with chain. Today I went looking for some items for the current Art Bead Scene Art Journey and got distracted by a wonderful bird connector by Sarah of Slate Studios Supply.

Back in February, I visited my sister and sister-in-love. My sister sent me home with a wonderful supply of v-neck cotton t-shirts (the holy grail for my sensitive skin). This has opened my thinking to what designs will look great framed by this neckline. This is the one I made today.

I just added some relatively delicate textured gunmetal chain, a few silver jump rings and a lobster clasp. In keeping with the simplicity of the necklace, I decided to put the clasp in the front to make it ultra easy to get on and off. It also adds a little shine to this fabulous muted bird. The texture, wingspan and touch of color gives me the feeling of a bird soaring in the sky on an early spring day. Ah, freedom!

Update to my previous few blog posts: I am happy to say I was able to put together a $230 donation for Madison Cat Project from my sales at the Artists for Animals Auction. Thanks to everyone who bid, commented, shared and purchased from me and the other artists. I’m so happy about being able to support this wonderful organization and help the cats. There will be another auction May 27 – June 2, 2019. I’m not sure if I will have things made for that one (you know I will show them here if I do) but I will for sure be visiting to see the wonderful things other artists have made.