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This will be my last post before the Artists for Animals Auction starts! Come join the excitement to see which artists are participating, what they have made (it’s not just jewelry) and which animal charities they are supporting. You can bid or just enjoy following along. Tell your friends! Here are a few of the things I’ve made. 

I always end up making more than I think I will. I have a total of 17 items, so I hope I can raise a nice amount for my chosen charity, Madison Cat Project. If you read my earlier blog post, I had a colorful cat necklace I wasn’t entirely sure I was happy with. I did end up changing the design, and I love it now. See the redesign below. 

I’m looking forward to a great week ahead. Raising money for the kitties, the first of my local farmer’s markets, and some warm weather on the way. I also just bought tickets to a movie my sister’s girlfriend is in that I will get to see on Saturday: Wild Nights with Emily. Who knows what other wonderful things this week will bring! I hope there are wonderful things in store for you too.