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I am currently smitten with chain. I just love a long necklace with one or a few great beads. It’s elegant and boho at the same time, and I like being able to use the pendant as a sort of fidget device during meetings at work.

For years I’ve been collecting interesting chain. I have a few places I love to get colored, vintage or other types of chain. Let me share those with you.

My Elements for colored chain in a variety of materials and Miss Fickle Media and Supply Your Soul for hand patina chain. For vintage chain: B‘Sue Boutiques Supplies, One Piece at a Time, You Are Not the Boss of Me, and Who Knows What. Right now, A Grain of Sand is having a half price sale to move out the vintage products (coupon code VINLOVE) including some great chain. Recently, I’ve gotten both vintage and colored chain from Sondra’s Estate Beads Destash.

The first necklace I made uses chain from A Grain of Sand called very vintage white. It is a shabby chic look I love. I used it with a Joan Miller kitty pendant on a hand patina hammered brass hoop from Miss Fickle Media (great stuff besides chain too!) I wanted to keep the blue patina at the bottom so that and the blue kitty eyes could play off each other, so I wire wrapped four labradorite beads on each side to be stoppers for the chain. That also helped bring in another design element and sparkle, and take up some of the negative space.

When ordering from Sondra Jackson, she always sends a little freebie goody bag. Oh my, this last time when I bought some black acrylic beaded rosary style chain, the freebie bag contained this fabulous faceted glass crystal.

Judging from the wire loop and the heaviness, it was probably a chandelier crystal. I used it with the rosary chain for a simple and really elegant necklace. The light weight of the acrylic chain balances out the heavy crystal to make a comfortable necklace.

It’s easy to make pretty necklaces when you have nice, interesting chain. I’m also looking forward to using patina on some of my more mundane chain to fancy it up.