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I have had three gorgeous multi-holed bars by Nancy Adams of Round Rabbit for some years. (In fact, Nancy still makes handmade, but not beads. Great stuff; check out her shop.) I’ve tried to use them multiple times but have not been satisfied with my efforts. Until now.

I think the reason it worked this time is I unfussed the necklace. In the past I had tried to complicate it more. Being this boho, it’s already got enough going on. The two round ceramic beads above the bars are from Clayworks by Lisa Boucher. I also found this necklace to be the perfect use for a couple of heavily textured tube beads in my stash. I love it when something finds its perfect project. 

I used three strands of linen because I originally thought I would have braided sections. I left them longish at the back in case I wanted to bead them like the front dangles. 

I think I’ve finally found the right project for these bars. I have two boxes of Nancy Adams’ work. I went through them while looking for the bars, and oh my goodness, there is a boatload of gorgeous work in there. Some of the things literally made me gasp. It’s really difficult to use things like that because I’m afraid I won’t do them justice. However, the beauty is I can always take something apart and re-make it if I decide it doesn’t please me. I’m happy this one does. Bring on the spring tunics that this will complement very well!