The title of this post might seem odd; why would anyone want to quiet their muse? Because she’s too loud, that’s why. I don’t often feel uninspired, but sometimes I have too many ideas swirling in my head competing for attention. It can make me feel a bit stuck, like I can’t hit on one because too many are bouncing all around, like trying to play racquetball when you aren’t good at it.

When that happens, I go right for the simple. If I make something simple and/or clean up my workspace, that provides focus and quiets things down enough for me to think more creatively. Today I made a very simple, very lovely necklace. 

I’m very into colored chain lately, and I had the perfect color for this sweet little moon pendant by Gaea. I added a clasp from Miss Fickle Media (a freebie!) I’ve realized lately that my “short” necklaces aren’t quite short enough for some of my necklines, so I want a few simple, shorter necklaces that highlight the pendant. This fits the bill.

I always feel more settled once I’ve made a piece of jewelry. It’s like sorbet at a fancy meal. Palate cleansed. Now I’m ready for the next course.