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It seems like spring today, although it is only 32° F. However, because there is so much winter here, Wisconsinites have kind of a low bar. There is some sun, some of the mountains of snow have melted, so it feels like spring is on the way. I love the progression of the seasons. Going into spring, I first am able to stop wearings multiple scarves and other cold weather accoutrements, then I can stop wearing boots (at least snow boots, rain boots are another story) then a coat. And it seems suddenly spring is here, and we’re moving towards summer.

In different ways, both of the things I made today say spring. First up are earrings that probably won’t read spring to many looking at them, but I have made them for the Artists for Animals Auction which will take place again sometime this spring. I have some ideas, so I thought I’d go ahead and get some things made ahead of time. 

I love these earrings. They are the kind of thing I would have purchased if I saw them back when I wore earrings The soot black patina chevron chain section are from Miss Fickle Media as are the lovely pearls. I love that shop; the beautiful materials make creating so easy!

The other thing I made looks more like spring. 

The soft colors and delicate nature of this necklace will be perfect with spring clothing. The gorgeous lampwork bead and beautiful tassel are both from Sondra’s Estate Beads Destash Depot. They are perfect together. The addition of some linked white glass rectangles and beautiful pink Czech glass with glints of other colors from the pendant finish it off nicely with a special flower and bunny bronze clasp from Eden Art Glass.

I want to make more, but I suppose I should get some things done around the house, a little spring cleaning perhaps?