I feel like I haven’t been in my studio among my beads for a long time. It’s probably only been a little over two weeks due to traveling, but I’m glad to be back. So I decided to make something quickly to get that creativity/completion rush.

I’ve had this purple frosted glass heart since I was in high school. It is from The Limited, which was a favorite store at the time. The heart was on a long chain. I wore it with seersucker pants with pin stripes, and a crisp white camp shirt. I was styling! A few weeks ago I got it out and strung it on some waxed linen with three dotted glass saucer beads by Helen Chalmers.

Fast forward, and I bought a mystery box from Allegory Gallery. A couple of the strands were pink tones, and I decided to use them together. When I saw the purple heart necklace started on my table, it all came together.

The two colors of rounds and the two rhinestone beads are from my mystery box. I added the other beads from my stash. This looks to me like flowers bursting into bloom. I’m anxious for flower weather. We’ve had lots of flooding, snow, ice, rain and sub-zero temperatures in recent months. It’s time for spring!

It felt so good to be making again, even after just a short time away. I have a couple of specific projects to work on, but I am happy to have gotten a necklace done, especially one with such happy colors to make me smile.