Until about a year ago, I had no idea my blog had ads on it. It didn’t surprise me since I was using WordPress free. I simply didn’t think about it because as the blog owner, they were not visible to me. Once I used a different browser or something and saw a couple ads at the bottom of my post, but I figure, whatever, they are at the bottom, so people don’t even really have to look at them.

Then for some reason recently I saw my blog the way others see it, at least sometimes. There was a huge moving ad at the top before my content started and still more at the end. I asked my family about it, and my mom said there are even ads in the middle and my sister said sometimes they cover things! Who knew?

I had thought about upgrading before but had never done it. I do want my blog to look nice, so I took the plunge. Henceforth, you should see ad free blog posts. I still can’t see any change because, except for those few occasions, I never see the ads. Thanks for sticking with me, and I hope you now have a better experience.