A few months ago I got some great lots from Lori Anderson Bead Destash. If you have ever seen her jewelry, you know she has great taste (and talent) so any time she is downsizing, I want to be there for it. What caught my eye in this particular lot was a large vintage brass butterfly pendant.

It looked beautiful, and when I got it, I was not disappointed. It was large, substantially made, and really lovely. In addition, the lot included some spring green Czech glass, vintage lucite, interesting metal bead caps and champagne Swarovski pearls. But that’s not all! Lori included, as she usually does, more treats. They were beautifully coordinated with the lot itself.

I had decided as soon as I saw the lot and extras, that those were all I needed to complete the necklace. But it sat on my bead table because I thought I would use a rosary chain style, but I really don’t enjoy making rosary chain, especially for a longer necklace which I was planning for this pendant. So today, I decided to see how it would look on waxed linen, my preferred stringing method. I liked how it looked, so I went ahead with that techniques. The only downside is that the linen was too thick for the Swarovski pearls, so I didn’t get to use those. They would had added a nice dimension. But they will be pretty in another project, and without them the necklace is the perfect length.

One of the reasons I don’t like doing rosary chain is that it isn’t nearly as fast as knotting on waxed linen. Also, I never think mine looks good enough, in part because my flush cutters aren’t great or in great shape. I’m glad I went ahead and got this project done, but I think I will invest in a nicer pair of flush cutters. I would like to use rosary style chain more often, and I just bought a batch of different colors and gauges of wire.