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I really like much of the color, decor, and fashion of the 1970s. So the large vintage lucite beads in this necklace really appeal to me. I bought them quite a while ago from The Beadin’ Path. That shop is no longer in business, but if you like lucite, one of the owners now has a business called Leetie Lovendale making beautiful jewelry out of a huge stock of vintage lucite beads she has. Her designs are really beautiful and “today”.

But, back to these beads. The color and design remind me of boys’ striped pants from the ’70s. I know, most people don’t want to remember those! But there is just something that appeals to me. I also love the shape. They are much lighter than their shape would indicate since they are lucite. 

I had a variety of smaller lucite beads that were bicolor or had stripes. I tried a number of designs. I was making it too fussy adding additional colors and spacing the jumbo beads apart with more beads. I think they look better closer together, in all their glory. There is more lucite at the back alternating with some brass beads and a metal clasp from Miss Fickle Media. I could be wrong, but I think I got the smaller lucite from Andrew Thornton of Allegory Gallery. I know I have another really pretty sort of port wine color of the smaller beads from him, so it seems likely.

Anyway, I’m so thrilled that after some years I’ve used these in a project. When I look at this necklace, those big beads pop and give me a thrill like they did the very first time I saw them.