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Moonglow lucite are some of the prettiest beads there are. They have an otherworldly glow that is so special, no matter the color. I recently got several colors and sizes of vintage moonglow rounds from Sondra’s Estate Bead Destash Depot. I think the peach color has the best moonglow; maybe that is just because they are the largest and have more surface to glow!

I bought the beads not knowing exactly what i would use them for. When I got them out to put away, they looked pretty good together, so I thought I’d try to string them into a necklace. I used those, more moonglow lucite I got from Allegory Gallery, a few metal spacers and bead caps and tried them on waxed linen. Something about it just didn’t look right.

Then I thought about the Leetie Lovendale rosary chained rope necklaces I love. (I have two, but I want them all!) The Leetie necklaces are longer and a specific design with bigger beads in the front, but the idea of using the rosary chain style with wire is something I thought might work with my beads. I included the little metal spacers because I often feel my finished pieces would benefit from some metal accents. I didn’t use any bead caps, mostly because I didn’t think about it. But I don’t miss them. 

I used a few other random beads – two purple plastic beads that are a sort of mottled color I like, several faceted plastic topaz color, a few dark wine and one mottled brown – all some form of plastic. I think plastic sometimes gets a bad name; good vintage plastic (Allegory Gallery has a nice selection) has a wonderful look and is light weight. If all of these beads were glass, this necklace could be a bit heavy or uncomfortable. And just look at it glow.