I’ve long admired Jael Thorp’s polymer clay work. I recently had the opportunity to purchase some as she has been posting on the Polymer Artisans Marketplace page on Facebook. One thing I got was a heart pendant with a stained glass look. I love the high shine look of this heart; it almost looks like glass. 

I chose an assortment of beads that I thought would go nicely with the pendant. I wanted to string them on waxed linen. I ended up using these in a random way, except that I had to replace the blue ones in the dish with another choice in a similar color because I didn’t realize these were only half drilled!

I thought using the beads in a random fashion would mimic the way the color showed up randomly in the stained glass look of the heart. I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I made it long enough to just go over my head with no clasp. 

This is such a pleasing combination of colors. This is where having a large stash and buying beads just because I like them with no project in mind comes in handy. I had plenty to choose from to do good color matches with the heart’s design.

I had first started to work with another heart pendant I got from Jael, but after trying a number of designs, none of them looked quite right. I’ve had another idea. I look forward to trying that and seeing how it works out.