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Here I am again, too impatient to wait until I have good pictures. I was busy today making earrings for the Artists for Animals Auction coming up October 29 – November 4, 2018. My sales at this auction will benefit Madison Cat Project. I haven’t made a lot of earrings since I stopped wearing them, and I really fell out of practice. I feel like recently, in making earrings for this auction, I’ve gotten some earring mojo back. Here is a sneak peak.

These feature some metal components by Melinda Orr combined with sweet polymer charms by Andrew Thornton

Next up are some that absolutely need a better picture because the components are so fabulous, but difficult to photograph. Large (12 mm) Vintage Swarovski Crystal Comet (24k gold) bicones with long, vintage solid brass drops. Both pieces, but especially the drops, have a great aged patina. This is how I like my bling – with a side of grunge. I LOVE these earrings.

Here are some that are pure fun. Vintage Japanese glass hoops paired with some new Halcraft handmade ceramic fish! Yellow is not everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who like it (me!) these are a ray of sunshine. 

When I knew I was going to participate in this auction, I started having a million ideas. I thought I’d be organized (just a minute – hahahahahaha!!!!!!) and put materials for ideas I had in a box. Well I did that for exactly one pair of earrings, but it’s a really delightful pair, featuring these blue SagaHus fabric and wire components. 

The last pair I’ll show is another with hard to photograph crystals. These are large AB Swarovskis paired with polymer dangles by Sue-Lin Tarnowski. The flash in these cubes is so fabulous I used rainbow wires to match. 

Ok, that’s the preview. I hope you will visit the Artists for Animals Auction starting October 29th to see these pieces (and much more) in their glory. Next weekend I’ll have a photo assistant, so I won’t have to take picture with one hand while holding the items with the other!