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I love vintage Czech glass. There is just something extra special about those beads. Back in the day, red glass got its color with the help of gold. I’m not sure if that is true of these, but they do have that wonderful cranberry color.

As regular readers have seen me say many times, I like these beads just the way they are. I simply put them on beading wire and added a clasp to make them wearable. 

Take one more look at these gorgeous beads. It looks wonderful on. Just about 19″ and delicate. 

Also, just today I got a spool cabinet for bead and jewelry storage. The two top drawers are sectioned! The top has a pen and ink well.

The top area is the perfect size for my jewelry trays to fit and the lid still closes. I’m so thrilled. It’s going to go on top of the gate leg table in my living room (you can see the legs behind it in the first picture.) There is always a mess of jewelry and bead stuff on top of that table. This way, it will be behind closed lids and drawers. I can’t wait to get it all set up. So exciting.