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Hello! I wanted to give a preview of some things I’m working on for the Artists for Animals auction that is coming up October 29 – November 4, 2018. Artists make things and donate the proceeds to the animal charity of their choice. My charity is Madison Cat Project. They are dedicated to finding the appropriate home for every cat that comes to them. If my taste isn’t your taste or you aren’t in the market for finished jewelry, no worries! Last time there was stained glass, homemade pet toys, beads for jewelry makers and all sorts of goodies. Join the page to get notifications and updates or visit starting on October 29th to see offerings and bid. It’s a public page, so anyone can comment and bid. Tell your friends!

Unfortunately, it’s very grey today, so my pictures aren’t the greatest. However, they will give you an idea of what I’m working on. My parents have a screened in porch, which is like a natural light box. So before the auction, I’ll take everything I’ve finished over there to get good photos.

I’m making more earrings this time. I love these metal pieces by Bandana Girl. I got them for a specific project I can no longer remember, so they became beautiful earrings for this auction! These are the sort of earrings I would have worn all the time back in the day when I wore earrings. The green bead is vintage Czech. 

By the way, the earring holder that I’m showing my earrings on was made by Michelle Ann McCarthy who, along with Joan Miller, created this auction. You can see another pair of earrings peeking out the back. 

They are for people who like a funky statement. I do! Gingham fabric and wire components by Anna Pierson of SagaHus paired with vintage plastic drops.

I’ve also made some necklaces. Here is one with a lovely ceramic pendant by Lesley Watt in a favorite colorway – turquoise and red. 

This is the picture for which I feel I’m really not capturing the beauty of the necklace, but I’m thrilled with how the necklace turned out. 

I found a gorgeous strand of little grey pearls with some lovely green and purple effect in the light. I paired them with a rough watermelon tourmaline nugget and a Green Girl Studios horse pendant. For the horse people! Or people like me who just love pretty jewelry.

Last but not least, I have what I call the orange necklace. It features of fabulous orange pendant from Majoyoal. I paired it with some orange half AB glass and a juicy mix of seed beads. I asked my mom if it was “too orange” for other people. She pointed out that we love it. I hope other people do too!

I will be making more things, so I hope you come and visit the Artists for Animals auction October 29 – November 4, 2018 to see what I and the other artists have to offer. It’s all for the animals!