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Welcome to this week’s maker blog post. Let’s get started.

On Tapping Flamingo, Terry talks about her mother’s experience with blood clots and how we have to be proactive with our health when doctors don’t necessarily listen. I’m so glad her mother’s story had a good outcome, thanks to a little daughterly nagging! The autism awareness bracelets that Terry makes can also be for PE/DVT awareness. Check them out in her shop

On the Allegory Gallery blog, their second podcast is up! This time, they interview ceramic artist Diane Hawkey. I love Diane’s colorful, whimsical work. Once again, it was fun to hear how an artist got started and how her work evolved. As part of their podcast series, Allegory Gallery features some work by each artist they interview in their shop

On The Crafty Princess Diaries, Tammy has been sewing Halloween dresses for Blythe dolls! Halloween is a favorite holiday for many people, including Tammy. It shows in these very cute dresses. I love the one with a candy corn motif. The candy may be too sweet for you, but the dress is just sweet enough! She’s trying to make more in time for Halloween, so keep checking back in her shop.

I’m linking to a slightly older post from Andrew Thornton’s blog. Earlier this summer, he started making these beautiful copper and sterling pendants in a variety of designs. They are all infused with meaning. Andrew talks about how things can have different interpretations, and we shouldn’t let one interpretation hold us back as makers. I would say the same thing is true of art lovers. I have pieces of art that were created with one thought by the artist, but has a different meaning filtered through my own experiences. Both of those things can hold true in the piece. That is the magic of art. 

You can find Andrew’s copper and silver work in the Allegory Gallery shop.