I often think of the brightly colored, mixed bead necklaces that I love as “kids necklaces.” In fact, the one featured in today’s blog was inspired by this pin on Pinterest. As far as I can tell, it’s a defunct website for a brand called Madreperla from the blog of a defunct magazine about kids called LMNOP.

I had a carved bone kitty from Sondra’s Estate Beads Destash Depot that I wanted to make into a special necklace. This colorful look is just my sort of thing! I love to think about my own cat, MooKitty, when making cat themed jewelry. 

I gathered up a big bunch of colorful beads to choose from for this necklace. 

I wanted a variety of shapes, colors (mostly bright) textures and a few patterns. Here are a few close ups of some of the beads. 

I sort of specialize in small lots of beads. For example, I love those red pumpkin coin beads, but only had a few, so this project was perfect. I love how the green three sided bits fit to make the orange beads look like actual oranges. 

I love the red and white striped cubes (a freebie), the rusty/gold striped beads that look like cinnamon candy, and the leaf design pressed into the green beads. The two mismatched blue beads at the very back were freebies as well. 

I was able to combine vintage and newer plastic with vintage and new glass to really work together in a pleasing way. I believe I did capture the feel of the inspiration pieces. As I look at the cat and the beads going up the necklace, I see all the wonderful fun, love and endless amusement that living with a kitty provides.