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Today is the Allegory Gallery Design Challenge – Coral Coast Reveal

Here is a picture of the kit from the Allegory Gallery blog post.

I was so inspired by this kit! I’m not even a beachy person who loves being by water, but I just love this kit and had so many ideas. One of the first things that struck me was the lovely assortment of sequins in the kit. I really love sequins, and this kit seemed like the perfect opportunity to use some. They are sparkly, like light off of water. Here is my original sketch (I kept calling this challenge Coral Cove!)

The idea didn’t include a pendant until my mom and I were looking at the Green Girl Studios line available at Hobby Lobby. I saw the starfish and thought it would be perfect for this challenge, and it is!

I love how this turned out. From the kit, I used the two rough pearls and stacks of sequins on either side of the starfish, and the tiny pink beads by the clasp. The coral rounds are from a beautiful necklace my mother got at an antiques sale. When it broke, I was lucky enough to get the beads. They’ve been waiting for something special. I finished the piece off with a bronze clasp by Miss Fickle Media.

My second necklace was built around a large shell pendant. I paired it with a open work metal piece, and added in some vinyl discs to make a pendant. Then I dangled the four “coral” sticks from the kit at the bottom. For the strand of the necklace, I used Shiva’s eye shell beads and brass spacers from my stash. From the kit, I used faceted coral colored rounds, small red rounds and shell beads that look similar to the Shiva’s eye, but a bit smaller. I used a large brass swivel clasp with some chain. One coconut tube bead from the kit decorates the clasp area.

I envision this as the type of necklace I would wear with a long dress when having dinner at a resort by the water. My jewelry always has an imaginary life and wardrobe!

This next piece is the first one I designed. Knowing I was participating in this challenge, I bought several water-themed clasps, including this lovely mermaid toggle, from Michelle McCarthy. (Incidentally, that’s also where I got the lovely metal bead in the previous design.) The toggle is so pretty, I decided I wanted to use it as the focal of a necklace as well. It’s perfect, since part of its design is coral.I attached the necklace to a coral branch of the toggle so I could use the loop to dangle the lovely silver coral piece included in the kit. Most of the beads are from the kit, except the darker coral sticks and some of the pearls. I wanted to create a lush look, as if underwater swimming through all the wonderful treasures. I used some bigger beads from the kit at the back because I thought the coral sticks might be a bit pokey on my neck.

My next necklace was inspired by the Spring 2017 Travelogue e-magazine by Anne Potter. I saw a necklace based on some Belize inspiration using sea urchin spines. I had some, but when I got them out, they were not drilled. I used the other materials I had planned on using, and it still has that elegant simplicity I like in Anne’s jewelry. All the materials are from the kit except the metal beads. It is even strung on waxed linen from the kit. I love the polymer bead made by Andrew and the offset with slight asymmetry by using an additional metal bead on one side.

Many of my necklaces for this challenge stayed within the coral/beach theme, but not this next one. Not that it’s a requirement, but I think it’s fun to try. While working with the kit, I got some destash 1970s ceramics. I love ’70s design – clothing, colors, furniture. I got three of these “smile” shaped pendants with colors that were perfect for the kit. I chose one and made what I call a “throw-on” necklace (easy to wear) that will go with any casual maxi dress. Pure ’70s. 

This gave me the opportunity to use the lovely long bone colored beads from the kit along with a few small rounds, seed beads and two more of the coral colored vintage plastic. I also used two mood beads over the connection points of the kit waxed linen. Did you have a mood ring in the 1970s like I did?

Just one more necklace from this kit. Andrew also included a wooden laser cut coral pendant in addition to the two polymer pieces as the handmade mystery components. I wanted to do some treatment on the pendant. I’ve seen people paint and even (I think) use colored pencil on these pendants to great effect. But I was worried I’d ruin it since I’m not sure what paints they used, etc. So I decided to use gold leaf! I thought it would be a really cool effect. I watched this video before doing it for a little guidance. It turned out just how I hoped.

With that much bling, it didn’t need much  more. I put it on some vintage water blue glass bead rosary chain and used the little shell charm from the kit by the clasp.

I absolutely loved this kit! I had so much fun with it. Thanks so much to Allegory Gallery for another great challenge and kit. Please visit the Allegory Gallery Design Challenge Facebook group page to see what other people made with their kits.