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I was looking at an Andrew Thornton: Project Destash event a little while ago, and a strand of resin tiger heads came up. I jumped at the chance to get it because they were so cute, it was a wonderful price, and I knew both my father and I would enjoy them. I got them and they were even better in person! They are fully figural, with a face on each side, so no matter which way the bead turns, it looks great! 

As I often do, I love the beads just in their strand. So I wanted to make something fairly simple. I thought I’d go on a search through my stash for just a little bead to go in between each head for a bracelet, but I didn’t even need to do that. I had some perfect sized striped seed beads on my table that I had recently used for another project, and I thought they were just the thing.

Just a short time later and ta-da! This bracelet is so cute and just what I wanted. I really like these snap clasps for when I want something that doesn’t take up much space. This is the kind of design that would be good for a stretch bracelet, but those often fit too close for me. A small clasp and Soft Flex is my choice. This is actually a medium size of the snap clasp. They come in a smaller variety.

One of my local bead stores, Meant to Bead, is in the business area where there was a tragic gas leak explosion and is still closed. When they re-open, I plan a shopping trip to support them. I am adding a variety of sizes and finishes of the snap clasps to my list.

This was another fun, easy make that turned out just how I hoped. I’m interested to see what my dad makes with his half of the strand.