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Here is another jewelry I bought post with a few things I’m currently excited about. First is a really clever and cute bracelet by Hope Smitherman of Crafty Hope. She makes great recycled/upcycled pieces and often mixes fancy and rustic, as she does here with distressed metal and crystal chain. 

The construction on this bracelet is perfection, so it fits like a dream and is even easy to put on by myself, kind of a miracle for a bracelet with a clasp! It’s really fun, and I find myself wearing it often.

I love buying vintage beads from Heather DeSimone when I get the chance. She owned the fabulous store The Beadin’ Path, and I was able to get some fun things from her online sales during those days. Now, when she posts on her Vintage Bead Vault Facebook page, I’m right there to snap up the wonderful, unique goodies. But her main creative gig is her jewelry company, Leetie Lovendale. She bought out a huge warehouse full of vintage lucite beads and makes beautiful jewelry with it. It’s all fun and upcycled! What I fell in love with first when seeing it on a sample sale video on her VIP page is a trinket necklace. These are simple, classic styles with one fabulous lucite bead. 

I love this one on a long antique brass chain. I like jewelry that I can fiddle with during the day; I find it calming. This is perfect for that purpose. It is a moonglow piece. I love moonglow. See a better representation of that below.

After I got this necklace, I love it so much I went back to see what she posted that was left from the sale. Two more moonglow trinket necklaces! I scooped those up. 

This bright pink (so me) curved component is on a ball chain. I haven’t looked at it through a magnifier, but the ball chain sparkles in a wonderful way that makes me think it is diamond cut, which I love. Below see the close up of the moonglow bubbles. 

I got a similar piece in a beautiful yellow. This one on a silver link chain.

All of these necklaces are different lengths and include extenders, so I can layer them together or with other pieces. I suspect my favorite way to wear them will just be alone; each one is perfect by itself. Each necklace also has this cute little brand tag.

There are a variety of single and multi-strand necklaces in the line, bracelet stacks and lots of post, hoop and drop earrings. Leetie’s hoops even made a list by Harper’s Bazaar about this summer’s lucite hoop earring trend. You gotta love a company that was trendy before the trend! I’m currently lusting after a Bauble style necklace on the Leetie website.

Here are all of my Leetie lovelies in a beautiful dish I got from Michelle Ann McCarthy of Firefly Design Studio. The flowers are a departure from her usual themes, but I love it. It looks to me like something passed down in the family.

An additional benefit of my new love of Leetie is renewed inspiration for getting out some of my own vintage lucite beads and adding them into my designs. Stay tuned!