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I like all kinds of beads, but I don’t always know much about them. Yvonne Irvin-Faus of My Elements was having a destash. I love a destash because, in addition to good deals, I can sometimes get unusual beads. Talented designers with good taste have been hoarding these beads but haven’t found the right project for them or whatever and have decided to release them out into the world. Score! I have gotten some really good beads this way.

Ok, now flash back to one of the first times I ever went to Bead & Button. I don’t know about other people, but sometimes I feel a bit jaded. I feel like I’ve seen all the beads. That’s why I get so excited over art beads, vintage and anything unusual. So, back at that Bead & Button show many years ago, I wandered into a booth that was full of resin and lucite, materials I didn’t have a lot of experience with. I fellllll in love with these beads. (I have more that I made into a bracelet I never wear, but these were easy to find.) 

Then flash forward to Yvonne’s destash and she had several lots of “Sobral resin from Brazil.”

I didn’t know exactly what that meant, but it reminded me of my exciting find at Bead & Button. I did a search and found that the beads from the destash were by designer Carlos Sobral. I’m sure I’ve seen his jewelry and home design work in magazines over the years. I don’t necessarily think the beads I got at Bead & Button are Sobral (they don’t seem to be exactly that same quality, but they are still fun) but it was exciting to see this type of bead again, especially in the rounds as I find that shape easier to use. 

Although I have no desire to make jewelry for sale, I often think it would be fun to design a line of jewelry. For example, these wonderful Sobral beads could look so different even just depending on the accent beads I used. I decided to use yellow just because I like yellow and have a lot. But the necklace would look so different using brown, the wonderful forest green, turquoise, white or even the subtle, more translucent purple. I’d love to see the beads played out in all those different ways as they would be in a line of jewelry.

Alas, this is all I have of these beads. I like the way this turned out and enjoy wearing sunny yellow. I will also enjoy doing a little more research on Carlos Sobral. His colorful, graphic work is just my kind of thing.