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I wrote a post a while ago about jewelry I bought. If I didn’t make jewelry, I would buy a lot more. But making so much, I don’t have extra money or space (or reason) to buy much. However, I still love it, and every once in a while there is a piece I just really want. Here are a few I’ve purchased recently(ish).

I had my eye on this bracelet by Heather Millican of swoondimples for quite a while. I think the fact that it didn’t sell out from under me means it was meant to be mine.

I just can’t get a grip on sizing when it comes to bangles, and I worried this might be too small. Then she had a sale, so I decided to take a chance. So glad I did because the fit is great and I love everything about this bracelet.

The part I love the most is the rustic polymer piece that is stamped “as is”. What a great sentiment. I also appreciate the little touches like the tiny charms wire wrapped with beads to provide a little movement. One of the charms is stamped with Heather’s initials.

Next up is a necklace by Staci Louise Smith. It is simple and just shines with the beauty of the materials. I also made a necklace with one of Staci’s soldered hoops. I wish I had a whole drawerful of those!

I really admire great seed bead and color work, and Luciana Lavin exemplifies this. I bought this great seed bead necklace.

This comes in more than one colorway, but this one is so me. The lighting was not good for pictures today, but I wanted a full picture so you could see the shape and length. Here is a close up of the work.

It has great little details like how there are bits of color mixed in with the black and white strand and the little metallic beads in there as well. Below is the cute box it came in. There was also a card with some beads strung on it, including a tiny seed beaded charm I can use in a project! 

Back to bracelets, Diana Ptaszynski rebranded herself from Suburban Girl Studio to Diana Ptaszynski Whimsical Ceramic Art. She makes a lot of wonderful creatures. Here I bought a bangle with a little cat charm. It has become a favorite to wear. 

One more bracelet I bought is a Nunn Design square bangle. I actually bought it to alter in a project idea I had. However, I love it so much just by itself that I decided to wear it as is.

One more thing to show you is these great little dishes I got from Jennifer “Jangles” Heynen. They are so cute. They will be good for holding different beads when doing projects, holding up items for photos and just looking darn cute. They are size graduated and nest!

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