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The Art Bead Scene Studio inspiration art for April is Disks of Newton (Study for “Fugue in Two Colors”), oil on canvas by František Kupka. 

This is just the kind of bright, energetic painting that I love. So of course I was inspired right away, and why not? I recently got some brightly colored stacked disc beads in a Staci Louise Smith destash. I suspect she was experimenting because they are very different than her usual look, but they are just the sort of thing I would fall in love with. They look like glittery, tie-dye, watercolor moons in the sky. One of the main colors in the set is the same purple as the inspiration piece. Kismet!

What I was originally going to do (and realllllly wanted to do) was use some black and white cord I love from My Elements. It would have looked totally cool. But the smallest size of cord was a little too big. (I don’t know how to drill polymer yet. I looked at my rotary tool and didn’t think I had a bit long enough. That’s a lesson for another day.) I tried to use some other, thinner cord. The beads are hollow, and it just wasn’t going to happen. It was enough of a challenge to string them on beading wire. The picture below shows the stacked nature of them from the side as well as the other side of a couple – beautiful on both sides!

Not using cord offered me another design element. I still wanted that spaced look I would have gotten knotting them on cord, so I used tiny seed beads that were a mix of several shades of the purple from the inspiration painting. These polymer beads are super fun and on the larger side, so I brought out some larger Czech glass (pink beads) and vintage plastic (yellow and one purple). I finished the back with graduated size purple beads I got as a freebie! I hadn’t considered red in my design, but I love the color. Since it plays such a prominent part in the inspiration, I added red seed beads beside each larger bead.

This necklace is full of joy for me. I’ll be throwing this on over cute dresses…someday. Right now it’s all snowy. Visit the Art Bead Scene Studio website and see what the painting has inspired other people to make.