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A while ago I got a face bead from Gaea. I don’t do bead weaving, but my mom does. I gave her the face and asked her to weave around it in any way she wanted. As you can see if you click on the previous link, she gave the face wonderful, colorful Medusa type hair! I love it! She also made some other components to go with it. 

I was looking for something else in my Gaea box, and I saw the face and components and an idea sprang into my head. I used a Gaea rectangular bead above the face and mixed some other Gaea ceramic tubes and beads along with some of my mom’s beaded components to make a necklace.

I knew it wouldn’t be long enough on its own, so I thought I’d add some chain. I had this metal tube chain that really echoed the look of my mom’s beaded components. I wish I could tell you where I got it. I cannot remember! I’ve just spent about 10 minutes trying to figure it out, but I’m sorry to say I don’t know. I haven’t even had it that long! I will just list some places I have gotten fab unique vintage (and non-vintage) chain. I thought it was one of these places, but I could not confirm it. 

Sondra’s Estate Beads Destash Depot

Vintage Bead Vault (where I got some similar chain in a beautiful green)

One Piece At A Time

You Are Not The Boss of Me

Who Knows What

So, probably one of those. Note to self: put purchases away more efficiently. I do label things when I put them away, but this one got separated from the herd. 

I think this necklace turned out great. It was really fun using my mom’s work in my necklace as well.