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I love Vintaj patinas, and the company recently came out with three pearl patinas that are more sheer than the regular patinas.  They are called abalone pearls with a pink, blue and green.  I have really been interested in trying the marble patina (white) because with the proper reliefing or other distressing the item could get that old look I love.  Here are some of my recent patina trials. Here are some of the pre-patina items (also from Vintaj.) I got the patinas and some of the metal items from Rustic River Finds and some of the metal items from Vintaj Salvage on etsy.  Love these shops!

I also got some vintage brass bracelets from B’Sue Boutiques on etsy. I love their vintage selection. 

First I used verdigris, ochre and moss patinas on the bracelets and brought out some of the raised brass design using the Vintaj reliefing block. 

I tried a couple of different things with the marble patina on some Vintaj arte metal blooming flower pendants.Both of these were done with the marble patina. The one on the left was done with a wet brush. The one on the right was initially done with a dry brush with relatively full coverage. I intended to use the reliefing block, but then I used a wet brush before it was completely dry. I think I was trying to thin out the paint and, happy accident, it took off chunks of paint in a way that made it look very much like old metal losing its paint. I put touches of seashell pearl patina on it after it was dry. 

I gave my sister her pick of the patina items, and she chose this flower (which was the one I had made with her in mind at my mother’s suggestion!) Also at my mother’s suggestion, I put it on this long piece of leather. My sister likes very long necklaces, and this flower actually looks great on the leather.

Here is a patina progress shot. 

This is an example of all the pearl patinas together. 

First I covered the heart with seashell pearl, then layered on ocean peal and last painted a few parts with seafoam pearl. I think it looks a little like stained glass.

I don’t have a picture of this butterfly before the patina, but I covered it with pyrite, used the reliefing block, then mixed seashell and ocean pearl to make a purple color, layered that on and then blotted it on papertowl when it was wet and used the reliefing block when it was dry. 

Here is a Rhapsody Romance Boho pendant with garnet patina. The design is very detailed, but it’s small and a bit shallow, so I didn’t get as much metal look as I thought I would after reliefing. It’s still very nice. 

This is a piece I did quickly when I first got the pearl patinas. The Vintaj Queen Anne’s Lace pendant is a favorite. I used marble and the seafoam pearl on this one. I love the way it turned out. You can see how the patina colors look very different on different metals and depending on the techniques used. I look forward to many more patina experiments.  I Love the very sheer, soft looks I’ve seen people get with the pearl patinas like in this photo from the Vintaj Facebook page.