I love 1940s fabrics. I’m typing this sitting on my couch with a 1940s quilt right now. The main motifs that come to mind are florals and fruit. So, this cherries pendant by Gaea has always reminded me of my beloved ’40s fabrics.

I also love this particular muted color of green in the ruffle frame and the one large bead. I used it when I painted on my basement steps. 

My mind has been working overtime on jewelry design lately, and I have ideas right away for things I buy rather than squirreling them away for a long time. I just got this pendant less than a week ago, and put this necklace together as soon as I got some time. 

I used six of Gaea‘s beautiful beads that came with the pendant. In a random beads box I got from someone, I got several of these little dangles with three red beads. I had thought I’d make a cluster with all of them at one of the transition points, but I could only find one. It’s still cute there at the bottom of this double strand of vintage beaded chain in that lovely muted green. The rest of the necklace is made up of baroque red Japanese glass beads knotted on waxed linen. I finished the piece off with one of Gaea’s hand formed copper clasps.

These colors make me happy. I know just what I’m going to wear this with, and it will look so cute!