The first time I heard the saying, “Not my circus, not my monkeys” I liked it right away. It perfectly described my desire to stay out of messy situations not of my making that I have little hope of solving. So when artist Andrew Thornton made a beautiful metal pendant with the saying, I snapped one up!

Although the saying is funny and kind of sassy, the piece is beautiful and elegant, so I wanted to use beads with it that were in keeping with that look. I had recently thought about using these long pearl with the holes lengthwise (I don’t see that often) with another metal pendant, but I liked it with this one better.

I used a stardust gold filled bead on either side of the pendant to keep it in place and faceted gold fire polished Czech glass beads as spacers.  I finished it off with a small swirl clasp by Miss Fickle Media. I love it!