In a team I am on at work, we have a saying that even if we are trying to improve things, that doesn’t mean it’s all rainbows and unicorns. But wouldn’t it be nice once in a while if it were? Yes! So I created myself this unicorn rainbow necklace.

I got these fabulous resin unicorns from Virtual Bead Show by Ava Motherwell on Facebook. 

The color and the shimmer is so fabulous! I had an idea almost right away. I wanted to put it in a large ring wrapped with tiny gemstones. I wanted to make this resin unicorn look sophisticated, so I thought I might keep to a minimum of color and use all labradorite around the ring, but then I got this lovely multi-color strand from Sam’s Bead Shop, and it just seemed more appropriate. 

My original idea for the beads above the pendant was to use moonstone, but in the end it didn’t look quite right. I decided on these small faceted white beads and “mercury glass” Czech glass beads on purple linen. 

I used a solid line of white at the back to draw to eye away from the pop of color in the pendant to balance the piece.

I always hope things turn out like I envision them in my mind. This one is pretty close!