I’m lucky enough to have scored some lovely pendants by Julie Schmidt Bowen of Autochthonous Evolved. Recently she paired some of her lampwork beads with drilled rocks (and seriously wonderful wire wrapping) to create pendants. I love the hard and soft together. This photo doesn’t do justice to the luminous quality of her lampwork bead. It really has a light inside of it. The gray, mottled rock is the perfect foil for the delicateness of the glass. 

In deciding what to use to complete the necklace, I wanted to bring out that contrast. I chose some vintage German glass beads with an AB type coating. The lampwork bead has these same colors. I thought about adding some granite beads, but that would be carrying the hard/soft theme too far and hitting the necklace over the head with it. 

I also used matte grey seed beads in between the glass. I like the overall soft color of this necklace. I had quite a number of these vintage glass beads and have enjoyed using them. In two other necklaces, I was using them to represent snow. I do think they look like snow but also like the smell of new flowers or the feel of a soft breeze on an early spring day.