I wrote recently about some gemstone shards my sister brought me from North Carolina.  

I had tried the locket I put them in with some chain, which looked nice really, but in my mind I wanted it to look like something handed down in the family, and that felt like it would have pearls on it. I only had pearl chain with raw brass wire, and it did not look right (but I did like the pearls). So I found some pearl chain with the perfect size pearls and dark brass wire at a fantastic price at Dry Gulch on etsy. It was my first order from them, and I was very pleased. 

Here is a picture of the gems in the locket with the pearls. It’s not a great picture as I was losing the light, but I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I made it super long so I can slip it over my head, and also that’s how I picture an older piece.  I think I have in my mind necklaces from olden times that were magnifying glasses on some fancy chain.

I’m back to beading again for very short stints as my tendonitis continues to heal. I started a necklace I hope to have finished by next weekend so I have something new to show you.