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I love mixed media, especially if it is taking bits and bobs that might otherwise get thrown away and making beautiful art out of them. Another benefit is that I have a penchant for very blingy things that in their whole form could be a bit garish, but in little bits are just enough to make something boho-fancy.

Here is a bracelet my sister got me at a thrift shop in Italy. (I also have another similar one in a different colorway.) 

I have made a couple of bracelets with special handcrafted leather and fabric cord from Tree Wings Studio. I’ve also used buttons, linen, sari silk and WoolyWire.

However, none of these were super intricate. So when I saw that Marina Rios of Fanciful Devices, a master of bits and bobs beauty, had a textile cuff kit available with all kinds of goodies, I could not resist. The finished example photos look so wonderful, and it will be fun to work on making something that I hope is even partially as cool and beautiful.  I thought I’d share the kit with you. 

Fun fabric! I will probably use that fiber wrapped wire for a necklace. 

These yarn-ish coils are so soft! One of the finished examples from the shop listing uses a closure like this red frog as the bracelet clasp. I will try that.

These are some of the blingy bits that really excite me. 

Fabric and lace. I like things like the sheer pieces with embroidery, metallic thread, etc. because they can add so much depth to the collage of the finished piece.

More lace! I love lace, and there are so many lovely examples here, including the GOLD. 

I like the idea of mixing the really blingy pieces with these more everyday pieces.

More lace, some beads, plus velvet!

And so much more! Below is a close up of the smaller bits.

Whoo! That’s a lot, right? I’m excited to try this out. I love art beads, but I am also getting back into vintage and bits, which I loved before art beads. This kit very much reminds me of going antiquing (particularly in Cedarburg, Wisconsin) back in the day and finding bit after bit that I loved. I didn’t always get the stuff because what to do with it? But these bits have a purpose. I look forward to working on this project.