A friend at work and her girlfriend were decluttering, so I was given a toolbox full of beads and beading supplies. It has been sitting in my basement ever since. I finally got around to going through it. It’s always fun to go through a bunch of beads someone gifts me. This one also came with storage! Here is the tour.

Red toolbox for storage. Love! This right here is exciting just on its own. You can spy the black insert at the back of the next photo behind the toolbox.

And then all the beads and supplies! Here are some favorites. Two colors of beads made from seeds. 

Here is a box (more storage!) with random stuff and a full strand of beautiful green fire polished crystals.

The random beads included this cute little ceramic frog bead. (And the photo, as always, revealed my serious need for a manicure or at least some lotion!)

Here are a bunch of findings and metal spacers. This includes a finished necklace with some nice rustic looking metal. 

There were a variety of nice Czech glass beads. This is just a small portion.

Some really cute charms and charm pairs – spoons, wine, yoga person, locks and my personal favorite, a rocket ship! These were all in a bag with random beads.

And then a whole big bag of a variety of charms.

Seed beads and Swarovski crystals.

There were some small stacking storage bins. Some were broken, but I think some are still good.

Glass pearls!

I think I’m about halfway through the contents. I had to stop because opening and closing the small plastic bags was taxing my thumb. I thought I could continue in a day or two, but I’ll have to leave it until my tendons heal more. The next day I found I had seriously overdone it and was quite cross with myself. It took about a week to get back to where I had been! It keeps amazing me the effect small movements have on tendons and the large effect small tendons have on one’s overall health and abilities.

MooKitty has appointed herself guard, so it will all be safe until I can finish!