My family went to an estate sale a few weeks ago, and although I wasn’t there, I scored big time! First and foremost, bead storage. My mom got me a 60 drawer plastic storage bin. It’s really nice. It has little stoppers so the drawers don’t come flying out when you open it. My studio is always so messy, and as I looked at the top of my bead table, I thought if I put the bin on there and put things in the drawers, it would get me off to a good organizing start. I filled them all from the top of my table and surrounding beads I hadn’t put away yet. Then in the next day or so, I put about 1/3 of the things away where they really go. It was a great method.  Here’s the bin:

And here is another shot so you can see the drawers. 

But wait, there’s more! As a bonus, there was stuff in all the drawers! My dad told the people he wanted to dump out the stuff – mostly screws and whatnot. But as they opened the drawers, my dad told them he wanted to keep some of the stuff. It was all different escutcheons! Imagine. Well, you don’t have to because here is a sampling, although it is just a fraction of what we got. Here they are before cleaning.

Here are a few my mom cleaned so far. She soaked them in vinegar, then used brass cleaner and steel wool and finally baking soda and steel wool. I’m glad she volunteered to clean the rest of them. That sounds a lot of a work to me. I’ve still got storage containers and donated beads in my garage/basement from months and years ago that need cleaning!

The chain is something I got when I went to the sale on the second to last day just to make sure we didn’t miss anything. I got three of these chains meant for hanging lamps. I think they will make good jewelry chain. Two of them had medallions with a pretty stamping.

I love old things and found objects for jewelry. I’ll be happy to find good projects for these, and I really love the storage. I know you can get those bins new, but there is a thrill to finding one at an estate sale.

And for bead show and tell on this post, I’m sharing some pretty strands. 

I’m not sure what the first one is. The description says “aquamarine” with the quotes. The second is ruby apatite; the third is moonstone.

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