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Hello.  It’s been a little while since I posted. First I was on vacation (I’ll have a post about that later) and then I was diagnosed with De Quervain’s tenosynovitis – a problem with the tendons running along the thumb. I’m doing therapeutic things right now, but I’m not making jewelry.  However, there is still plenty to blog about!

I recently participated in the Artists for Animals auction. (FYI – Michelle Ann McCarthy and Joan Miller are leaving the page active so we can have more auctions in the future.) Another participant in the auction, Mary Redman, not only made many beautiful things to raise money for animals, she also bought one of my necklaces in the auction. Then, she sent me a package. I opened it and was amazed as wonderful surprises just kept coming out of it.  So I thought I should show you what I got.

Mary and her husband, Walter Gross, are both wonderful makers and currently sell at local craft shows.  Now on with the show!

Wally makes a beautiful variety of lampwork beads.  I love all the different shapes and colors. Aren’t they fabulous?

Mary called these her polymer clay “experiments”.  I hope when I get brave enough to experiment, mine go as well. Here are earring pairs/charms.

And pendants. The shell is so realistic that when I unwrapped it, I was convinced it was a real shell until I turned it over and it wasn’t hollow on back!

Mary also included some polymer headpins! These are so impressive. I love them!

But wait, there’s more! One of the things Mary put in the auction were super cute earrings made with tin charms – many animal themed. And I got some holiday themed earrings. They are so sweet. The swirly tin that is so perfect and looks like candy is from a vintage cookie tin!

And then she shared her vintage tin with me! She sent earring pairs/charms:

And more. The last ones are hard to see – blue and gold. 

And dapped pairs. So many pretty tins! This encourages me to experiment with my own tin collection.

Mary also made this wonderful ornament. Sparkle – I love it!

And last but not least, some charms (resin covered something?) of a tuxedo kitten that reminds me of my own sweet MooKitty!  

Thank you so much Mary and Wally! This was very generous of you. I will have a lot of fun using these beauties.