I got a strand of graduated turquoise discs over two years ago. I was so thrilled! I thought I’d use them right away, but it turns out I had a more difficult time using them than I thought. This will sound odd, but I think it is because they were so smooth. I needed to use them in a different way than I originally had in mind for them to look right. Then, the other day, I showed my mother this necklace I liked from the shop Charoosha. She reminded me of some organically shaped silver discs, similar to those at the front of that necklace, that we had bought together and said she would never use them, and I could have them. I decided to try them with the turquoise discs and some other beads.

I also used a couple of horn beads and some African glass and strung the whole works on leather for some structure. I ended with a cute elephant toggle clasp. It looks really great on and has a nice weight to it. I’m glad I was finally able to successfully use the turquoise. It is my strongly held belief that if I buy beads I like, eventually they will find the right project.