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I tried Vintaj patina the other day, and colored some chain I really like.  

I had an idea for it, but when I tried it, I didn’t think it came together that well despite using wonderful components.

While I love these beads by Ragged Robyn and wire and fabric component by SagaHus Components, the necklace didn’t work the way I thought it would.  So I tried something else.

I liked this version with dagger beads by Slate Studios Supply better, but it still wasn’t quite right.

As I pondered what the issue was, I realized that most of my beads are more rustic and this chain is more refined in style, even with the patina.  So I thought about what I had in my stash that would be a bit smoother for it.  I have pictures of many of my beads, so I looked through those which is a way of going through my stash (at least part of it) without making a big mess.  I envy people with things like printer cabinets where they can open a drawer and see lots of things. I have to paw through baggies and small boxes in bigger boxes I then can’t close properly to stack.

Anywho, I thought a lampwork bead with lovely colors from Uglibeads would be just the thing, but really, it was a bit rustic as well. So I looked at some other lampwork beads and found this set of orphans by Dean Abner of BubbyMcGurk Beads

I decided these go best with the chain. Each part lets the other shine, and there is plenty of interest with the different colors, sizes and patterns. They have relatively large holes, so I used some thicker 7-ply waxed linen to attach the beads to the chain. The knots are a bit bigger due to the ply, so I’ll have to decide if that bothers me.  But I’m pleased I found a way to use the lampwork orphans and the chain that I think works and will gives me a necklace a bit different than things I often make.