I’ve been thinking about making this necklace for a long time. I got this fabulous “chocolate” resin bunny pendant by Andrew Thornton a couple of years ago. Around the same time I got a strand of colorful vintage lucite beads.  It was just a short strand, so I added some spring green tubes and larger colorful glass beads to round out the necklace.  I love it.  It’s very me.  I think I hesitated making it for a while even though I had it in mind from the time I got the materials because I didn’t really have what I thought was an appropriate outfit for it. I’ve recently decided I really need to invest in clothing that is more appropriate for the jewelry I make or want to make. It’s all about the jewelry!

My sister recently called it the “crazy aunt” look. You know your really fun aunt who had the funky clothes and jewelry and said what other people considered outrageous things?  (If you didn’t have one, there are probably TV and movie examples you can recall.) That’s the look I’m going for. This fabulous spring bunny necklace fits right in.

Look at the gorgeous detail in this bunny!  Looks sweet in more ways than one. I’ll have fun wearing it.