I have never been good at bead weaving.  Trying to follow the instructions, I just get lost. I wish I were good at it, and wonder every once in a while if I tried (again) I could learn.  Recently I saw this Window Bracelet pattern from Good Quill Hunting and for some reason decided it looked easy enough for me to do. I bought the pattern and looking at the directions, I mostly still thought so. I enlisted my Mom for technical assistance and moral support because she does some bead weaving and is WAY more patient than I am. Here we go!

My Mom suggested starting in the morning when we were fresh so the day didn’t get away from us.  She was right; I’m also at my best in the morning as far as concentration, not being tired or crabby, etc.  So with the pattern up on the computer, my beads out in front of us, we started. I kept the bags near the beads in case I forgot what any of them were called. Then I spend the entire process calling the Tango beads (white ones) Tila Beads because they were abbreviated TB in the pattern and in my mind it made sense since the smaller yellow beads were Half Tila.  Which might go to show part of why I’m not that good at bead weaving.

But I made it through the first part, and I thought I’d snap a picture before I ruined it.

It was kind of exciting, and I kept going. It took me longer than it would a seasoned beader, but the pattern actually made sense, and I did get into kind of a rhythm like my Mom said, although I have to pay really close attention because this is just not how my mind works. There were a couple of snags, but amazingly few, so I got a picture of the next part before I ruined it.

This was really exciting because usually I mess something up and abandon the project prior to actually being able to see it take shape.  Here there is only one error (that you can’t see) but I learned something from it, and also figured out what I was doing wrong and fixed it in the later sections. In the pattern, the last part before the clasp looked so complicated, fewer straight lines, but it really made sense in the end!

The clasp is the one thing in the tutorial I couldn’t understand. It didn’t make that much difference because the part on the right looks relatively like the tutorial picture. However, I could tell if I did that on the other side (as I was supposed to) the bracelet was going to be too big. I had originally decided to take out one repeat, but then decided that would make it too small. Maybe I should have. In any case, between the size issue, the frustration that I was now feeling about not understanding the clasp and it being late in the day, I just decided, heck with it, I’m going to attach it securely and make it fit despite how it will look. I probably should have let it sit until I was feeling more patient and thought it out, but I’m so proud I finished it at all!

AND, I’m going to make at least one more, applying what I learned!  That’s pretty amazing for me, being willing to try it again even if it wasn’t perfect the first time. I really feel accomplished!