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At a bead show last year, my sister’s girlfriend bought me a beautiful stamped glass pendant.  I made it into a necklace a few weeks ago, but I was waiting to “finish” it because I wanted the orange and yellow ends of the ribbon to show. I finally decided trying to do that was too fussy and to just leave it the way it is. Depending on how I want it to hang, tying the ends could allow a bit of those colors to show.

The lampwork bead above the pendant is from Trinket Foundry.  I have a tiny stash of those in different colors from one of their one-off projects. So special. I’ve used two and must hoard the rest for a while longer. The silk ribbon is hand painted from Quintess. Doesn’t this just make you believe spring is coming, whatever the weather does?

And a long, long time ago I got this lampwork cow bead for my sister from a now closed bead store in town. I made her a bracelet with it, but it was really too big/heavy for a bracelet, so I told her I’d make her a necklace.

When I gave it to her yesterday, she didn’t even remember the bead because I’d kept it captive so long. Maybe it took me this long because I finally found the perfect thing to make it into a necklace – Zola Elements chain. My sister had liked it when I showed it to her, so when the cow surfaced, I thought they were perfect together!

It’s nice and long, the way she likes.  I see the horns make it look more like a steer, but whatever.  This is jewelry making, not animal husbandry!

One more family related part of this post is the photo background for the cow necklace. My parents are having some work done at their house, and my dad dug this broken piece of tile out of the garbage because he knew it would be good for my jewelry photos.  What a great guy!  It really works; thanks, dad!