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I made a necklace sketch and went to the studio to get out the beads for it.  In the process of searching for one of the beads, I got inspired with materials for 4 other necklaces.  “Oh look, this will go with…”  When that happens, I just go with it. My attention span is better served by making whatever I have already found the materials for.

I had a Dana Swisher ceramic face bead sitting on my bead table, and when I got out a box of jasper and agate, I saw these big rounds that would go with it perfectly! I also got out some ovals I thought could complement the design.

I first put some of the smaller ovals at the front, but I wasn’t happy with that. I decided the big rounds looked best around the face.  I did put a few at the back near the beautiful bronze Saki Silver clasp.  I included a teal polymer clay swirly design bead by Staci Louise Smith for a nice pop of color.

I am in love with this necklace.  So much wonderful fun and beads that just get to be themselves.