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I recently made two new necklaces.  I feel like as long as I have beads, I’ll never run out of ideas!  Thank you to all the wonderful bead artists who make gorgeous art and bead vendors who find and make treasures available!

I’ve become a big fan of Michelle Ann McCarthy of Firefly Design Studio.  I recently got the cutest pendant – a multi-color lollipop!

I used colors from the pendant to choose a variety of beads (a great way to use leftovers) to make the necklace.  I think it’s a really fun piece. It looks ready for the warm weather to come.

Then I made another necklace going in a completely different, more chunky direction.  I had this beautiful strand of blue agate faceted graduated rounds. Beautiful just as they came temporarily strung, so I didn’t want to add much.  I added some bronze spacers to the front and a hammered bronze clasp by Miss Fickle Media.

I love making jewelry!