I like to visit a nearby thrift store during lunch in search of good jewelry to repurpose, tins to cut up, photo backgrounds, storage (and now frugal fibers based on a recent blog post by Terri Del Signore).  Last time I was there, I was charmed by some lovely ice cream bowls that looked like they would be perfect work-in-progress bowls or leftovers sweep bowls for my bead table.  It’s still messy, but I was able to corral three projects that have been sitting on my table.


In deciding what I wanted to work on today, it seemed so much more doable to try one of the bowl projects. The bulk of materials are already together, and it would be a great way to get some stuff off my table!  I went for the project in the purple bowl, which has be languishing around for some time.


I was mostly right about the materials I needed.  The waxed linen was a bit too small, even knotted to be sufficient between the apatite heishi beads, so I added some seed beads.  I had planned to use the irregular white beads in back, but the holes were so big, I needed something else.  I found some glass beads in the color of the polka dots from the focal.  I had ordered these very large lobster claws, not realizing how big they would be, but it is the perfect size for this heavy necklace.

One work-in-progress done!