I love a good surprise package, so I always like the idea of a monthly bead club subscription.  I had done business with Darn Good Yarn in the past; they have lots of lovely things in addition to yarn.  They have a variety of things that beaders can use, so a Darn Good Beads of the Month Club seems like a natural fit. I suspected the projects would be geared toward beginners, and I wondered if I would enjoy them. I decided it was worth a try because their aesthetic is something that appeals to me – I’ve purchased supplies as well as clothing from their site.


I really enjoyed my first project – The Lanterns of Marrakesh.  The materials are good quality, like a decent gauge jump ring. Materials were for an entire necklace, although I only made the tassel and didn’t attach the chain to the tassel because I plan to incorporate this into another project. However, I would have been happy with the project as is.


I like the rustic nature of sari silk, but this was sticking up at right angles too much for me after tying it onto the tassel cap, so I ran the iron over it.  I might have gotten a bit heavy handed, but that’s ok.  I really love the colors of the ribbon and the findings.  There was enough work to this to make it seem like a project – cutting the chain (I had started doing that before remembering to take a photo of the kit), cutting the ribbon, and connecting it all.  But these are nice supplies that one could use separately as well.


In fact, because I’m not making the tassel into a necklace with the kit materials (yet anyway) I have some nice chain, jump rings and a clasp left over.  I really look forward  to receiving the next kit.