I had a strand of mixed pearls out on my table as a possibility for a project, and it didn’t get used.  But it was one of those strands I really just wanted to use as is, so I did (part of it.)  I thought how pretty it would be in one of those delicate necklaces I always see people on television wearing with the beads spaced out and a nice little pendant.  In looking for the appropriate pendant, I found a vintage Cuba stone with the exact colors in the pearls.


I love knotting on waxed linen which I what I’ve done here. I actually meant to make it a little closer to the neck, but I guess I got carried away because suddenly it was way longer than had envisioned.  I will leave it for now.  One thing I find about light necklaces is they don’t necessarily lay well over a shirt. I’ll see how this one goes.  I can always re-knot it later.