When I was a kid and my sisters and I would complain about there being “nothing” to eat (i.e. no junk food) my mother would always say, “Have a carrot or an apple.”  I’m sure that produced nothing but a groan at the time. Now my sisters and I say it to each other, and it will crack us up every time. (I also realize now my mother was right, like she is about most things.) When I got a wonderful carrot pendant by Joan Miller I knew what I would name the necklace I made with it. I subsequently got a couple of carrot charms, also by Joan Miller. I had to look around a bit for an apple charm and found this sterling silver one.


I didn’t have a specific design idea in mind for this piece. Just the carrots and apple. In fact, when I went to finally make the piece this morning, I tried several different designs.


I added a textured copper necklace bar and copper chain and beads with black patina by Miss Fickle Media.  I love how the copper shows through on both the chain and the beads.  To bring the sterling apple into the design, I used a sterling jump ring to connect the pendant and a sterling clasp at the back.

I never think necklaces without a lot of structure when they are not being worn, like those with chain, look that great in my pictures. I’ll have to notice how other people photograph “floppy” necklaces.  But I think this one turned out very cute, and it will make me smile every time I wear it.  Maybe it will even encourage me to eat more carrots and apples.