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Ok, I’m unlikely to actually make 12 designs, but even posting multiple designs in a week is unusual for me.  During vacation, I have more design time and hope to make and share several pieces.  That reminded me of the Art Bead Scene blog’s 12 Days of Christmas posts, which are proving very fun.  I recently came across jewelry artist Toni McCarthy and absolutely fell in love with her chunky, eclectic style.  I love large beads but often don’t know how to use them. I saw this necklace by McCarthy and had an idea of how to use some with a strand of carnelian nuggets I recently acquired. The bright colors also appealed to me.


My original design, captured here in a quick picture so I could recreate it when I got to the construction stage, was quite heavy. I changed it, even though I thought it perfect, because I know from experience I won’t wear super heavy necklaces.  Here are some of the beads I had to let go.


I desperately tried to include at least one of those two yellow glass beads, but they were just so heavy.  I loved the two dotty discs by Andrew Thornton, and they weren’t heavy, but I had to remove as much as possible to get the colors and weight I needed, and I’d just as soon use those in a way that will show their texture better.


I love the bright blue seed beads between the carnelian as well as the white Mali wedding bead, although neither shows well in this picture.  The melon cut red dyed coral bead almost got cut, but I loved the bright red and the texture helped replace that cute little green plaid bicone in the previous photo.  I replaced my beloved yellow glass with a yellow clay bead to preserve the color without the weight.  I added a small blue paper bead for more texture; it was gifted to me, which makes it extra special.  This large bead design also allowed me to use one of the large, rustic clasps I am also drawn to.

I’ve sketched designs for about half a dozen other necklaces in recent days. I hope to post a couple more of those on this blog before I have to go back to work.