I fell in love with marcasite when I first saw it in the form of a marcasite watch I wore for many years.  I’ve had this vintage marcasite component for a little while that I finally used in a necklace.  I might re-make it after I wear it a while. I’m not sure waxed linen is the right stringing material for this piece. But for now, I’ll show it to you.


I love pink and green together, although I’m wondering if this could benefit from an additional, darker, color or more metal (which could be solved by using wire instead of linen).  The pendant piece is missing a number of marcasite bits, but it’s still got a lot of sparkle and such a beautiful shape.  I got it from Beadtopia Vintage on etsy. They have some really great and unusual vintage items.  I included a few rhinestone spacers to spread out the bling.  I also had these two shimmery textured tubes.  I don’t know what they are made out of – they could be plastic or glass – but they sure are pretty.  Then I added a contemporary marcasite toggle clasp that was part of a necklace I took apart to repurpose a few years ago.

It was fun to make this.  I’ve been liking quite a lot of vintage bling-y type pieces on Pinterest lately, and this is an early attempt at that style.