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I was catching up on my blog reading when I saw the 2nd Annual Earrings Everyday Use Your Leftover Challenge.  I had so much fun joining this challenge last year with Erin Prais-Hintz that I was excited to see it and join in again.  I immediately went and took a picture of my craftermath.  This table has been clean at times in the intervening year, but here it is again in a very similar state.


So I look at the silver lining: much to choose from for my earring bonanza! Here is what I quickly put in my tray.


Because last year’s challenge re-started my earring making, I already had some nice bead pairs on the table from earrings I’d tried during the year that did not work out.  Now those beads are getting a second earring chance!  How nice.leftovers-earrings-1-3-2

I made a few pairs right away.  I’m not someone who enjoys working under pressure, so I didn’t want to wait to until the last minute and have nothing. I chose some of the easy earring supplies for these – charms and connectors.  If I wore earrings, the pearl and crystals would be my favorite of this lot.


I really love this next group. The middle ones with the Herkimer “diamonds” are my favs, but it’s not easy to pick.  All three pairs of these are very me.


I made all of the above earrings on the first day in two different sessions. Once I get going, it’s just so fun!  The middle earrings didn’t photograph very well – the black beads are lovely faceted numbers.


I found that once I got in the earring making mode, I wanted to continue.  So the next morning I made these two pairs soon after I woke up.  Using leftovers actually makes it easier to create; I’m not overwhelmed with choice.  In fact, when designing I often default to what is on my bead table.  There is more than one good design for any material, and why not use what is right in front of me? For example, I love these color shell stack earrings.  So easy!


Here is a different kind of leftover.  I didn’t make these with leftover materials (that I remember) but these are leftover earrings that were sitting on my bead table (already on a card!) I made these in January 2014 for myself based on a design by Erin Siegel. Almost three years these have been rattling around my house!  Ridiculous.  So I added them to the group.  I stopped wearing earrings soon after I made them due to sensitive ears and never wore them.  Let someone else enjoy these.


I like that it is easy to make so many different styles. I feel like I have a nice selection for a variety of people with different tastes which is good because I will be donating these to Ears to You.  They provide earrings to girls and women of all ages fighting cancer and accept donations of new handmade or store bought earrings.  (They have also branched out to helping boys and men with cancer too.)

My guess is that I spent less than two hours making all of the earrings you see here.  Great way to use leftovers and have something to show for it!  Thanks Erin and Earrings Everyday!  Go to the Earrings Everyday website to see what other people made with their craftermath, and subscribe to the blog if you want to see great earrings all year long!

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