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Today is the reveal for the Allegory Gallery Design Challenge – White as Snow edition!

Here is a picture of the kit:


Here are pictures of the Mystery Components handmade by Andrew.  Delicious, yes?



In the past, I have seen and admired jewelry made with pet tags.  In fact, I had made a necklace a while ago with a cat tag my sister gave me.  Any of you who follow me on  Facebook or Instagram know that cat now lives with me, and I recently acquired my first rabies tag in the shape of a red heart!  It was too perfect not to use for this challenge.  From the kit I used the rondelle Mystery Components, some of the white beads and some of the red white heart beads. From my stash I added some maroon beads (actually from a previous challenge kit!), waxed linen, gold spacers and some black and red fired polished beads. I really love how those echoed the swirly look of the Mystery Component beads.  I am very happy with the sort of dark and mysterious look I got with this piece. It kept the heart from looking too sappy, but I still get to be all sentimental and wear a reminder of MooKitty close to my heart.  🙂


I had sketched several pieces that used the strand of howlite chip, but in the end my “use whatever is on the bead table” aesthetic came into play.  I had this strand of simple cut jasper (or maybe agate or something – I never know) that made me think of the woods aspect of the Snow White story.  I think this necklace looks like a snow-dusted wood at the beginning of winter.  It’s more earthy than things I usually make which tend to be more colorful.  It’s nice to add something a bit different to my collection.


I also made a pair of earrings with a couple of the big “jewel” beads.  So fun!


I also made a tassel with the seed beads (and a little bumpy bead on top!) but it didn’t quite turn out.  The strands are uneven and the gold accent beads I added that were all supposed to line up didn’t.  So I did not finish a piece with it.  I’ll remake it and use it later.  It has potential!


This was a great kit, and I had more ideas than time!  Thank you Andrew, William and Allegory Gallery.  Please the Facebook page to see other people’s creations!